1. What does my ticket include? Grants you entrance to LAC Calgary
  2. Is there a dress code? There is no official dress code however we are looking to showcase a more mature event in Calgary. Think what you would wear taking out your significant other for Valentines
  3. Is there a coat check? Yes, $2.00
  4. Is this an all-inclusive event? LAC is not an all-inclusive event. Sampling coupons must be purchased at the Festival to enjoy samples of food, wine and beverages inside the Grand Tasting Hall. Sampling coupons allow you to customize what you try and how much you spend. This system also allows the Festival to compensate the food and beverage exhibitors for a portion of their food/product costs.
  5. How do sampling tickets work? Each ticket is worth $1. The Vendor will sample items at a price they deem appropriate